Cookware production lines are used to produce cookware set, tea kettle and kitchen tools with different specifications and sizes. The processes that can be applied by the cookware making machines are explained below according to the order of operations.

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  • BLANKING : Rolled sheet metal is cut into a circle with a certain diameter and becomes a disk. The diameter of the cutter is calculated according to the size of the cookware to be produced. The duration of the process can vary depending on the thickness of the material being cut and the diameter of the part to be cut.
  • DEEP DRAWING : The parts which are circularized by blanking become hollow containers as a result of the deep drawing process.
  • WASHING : After deep drawing, all parts of the product are washed. At this stage, there are spray washing, spray drying and air drying processes. The liquid used consists of water and alkali detergent.
  • BOTTOM CENTERING : The parts called capsule is placed on the underside of the hollow containers formed by deep drawing. The bottoms of these two parts are connected to the centering machine and sent to the furnace.
  • ANNEALING FURNACE : The annealing furnace works at very high temperatures and the main purpose is to make the cookware more durable. The pots are passed through the oven in turn and processed at about 300 °C.
  • POUNDING : After the annealing process, the capsules and the base are attached to each other more firmly with impact. The pounding machine can be pneumatic or hydraulic.
  • COOLING : The products are hot when the pounding is complete and these products are first cooled by fans and then cooled again with sprayed water. Finally the wetness remaining on the product is air dried.
  • IRONING : Ironing is done to fix the floors of the products which are subjected to heat treatment.
  • TRIMMING : Burry edges of the cookware is trimmed. A smoother cookware is obtained after the burrs are trim.
  • GRINDING : The interior of the product is grinding. The grinding process corrects and polishes the base. It is also possible to check if the product is faulty at this stage.
  • POLISHING : In cookware, teapots and other similar products, polishing is used to shine some parts.
  • LID PRODUCTION : In order to complete the products, the lids must also be produced and matched in appropriate sizes. The covers are ready after blanking, pressing, grinding and centering.
  • PACKING : Each product is matched appropriately with the manufactured covers and placed in a single product box. Then specific number of cookware is combined according to need and packaged in a shrink machine.
Stainless Steel Cookware Production LineStainless Steel Cookware Production Line
Stainless steel is a high quality material takes care of your health and hygiene.
Steel Cookware Production LineSteel Cookware Production Line


Flexibility of steel makes it possible to produce different designs in pots.
Aluminum Cookware Production LineAluminum Cookware Production Line


Aluminum is a light and durable material. Aluminum cookware can be used for a long time.
Steel Tea KettleSteel Tea Kettle


Tea kettle production line produces kitchen sets, tea kettle and cooking products.

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